Car Data

DMAC Members Car Data Collection Form
Maintenance Data
Interchangeable Parts Head Gasket Part Number Gasket Cross Reference
U-Joint Restoration (Spicer Joint) Clearance Standards Snubber Restoration
Front End Alignment Install Differential Pinion Seal Gabriel Snubber Repair
Warner Steering Gear Distributor Timing Running Board Bolts.
Rebuild 4 Speed Trans How to Rebuild Water Pump Flywheel Ring Gear
Manuals & Other Technical Documentation
Model 40 Repair Manual 1930 Continental Service Manual ..Brake Cross Shaft
1925 Star Model F Lubrication Chart Rear Axle 1930-31 Rear Axle Rebuild Data
Bumper Bolt Rugby Flint DeVaux Frontenac Serial # D40 King Pin
Production Totals Model 60 Owner's Manual Model 60 Data
Service Plan Star Hand Tools W5 SPECIFICATION CHART
Paint Colors 1929-32 Gray-Green

 Rugby Repair Manual 1924 (Spanish Version)
Torque Sequence Stewart Vacuum Tank Instruction Book Axles by Make & Model
1929 Model 60 Specifications
Serial Numbers
Star Autos Durant Flint
Star Trucks Rugby Trucks DeVaux
Fuel System
Zenith Model 68 Tests Factory Carburetor Specs New Carburetor Specs
Zenith Model 68 New Carburetor Data Carburetor Service
.Zenith Model 267 . The AC Fuel Pump
Stromberg Carburetor Gas Line Screen Leaky Fuel Pump
Zenith Replacement Carburetor Chart Gas Cap List Vacuum Tank Repair
Factory Correspondence
Service Bulletins Company Correspondence
S-297 11/20/1929 12/23/1931
S-89 06/08/1936 06/19/1936
S-35 2/16/1924 Factory Invoice
   Sales Bulletins   
25-G .3 Wheel Stunt New Dealer Sign
Lubrication Chart Oil Leaks Recommended Oil-1931 Chart
Oil Pressure API Service Ratings for Oil 600wt Oil
Electrical Specifications
Wiring Diagrams Mazda Lamp Chart Headlight Lens Sizes
. Starter Motor Chart .
Parts & Services Ignition Tune-up Parts US Spark Plug Chart
Model 60 Specs Tune-Up Specs 1927-32 Valve Timing
Motor Tuneup Ignition Timing 28-32 .    
AEA Tune-up Charts
 (Be patient while large files load)
1929 1931 1932
Brake Specifications

Adjust Page 1 3 Shoe Type - Brief Page 1
Adjust Page 2 3 Shoe Type - Full Manual Page 2
Duo~Servo How to Adjust Star Brakes Steeldraulic Adjustments

Steeldraulic Adjustments Simplified
Modern Improvements
Steering Damper Modern Shocks Modern Fuel Pump
New Air Cleaners Elec Pump/Motor Mounts Alternator
Updating Steering Sector Throw-out Bearing Rebuild Oil Filter
Modern seal upgrade - 1925 Flint H-40 Transmission Install Differential Pinion Seal Timing Chain
1928 Durant Model D75 Differential unit rebuild and upgrade Modern Axle Seal Modern Rear Axle Grease Seals
Modern Electronic Ignition Conversion
Reproduction Parts
Vintage Reproduction - Durant Parts Vintage Reproduction - Rugby Parts

Custom-made Leather Fan Belts

NOS & Custom Made Gaskets

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