Special Interest Section
  Special Interest
Wheel Puller Sales Manual Price Changes for 1929
Gas Cap Parts List 1923 Star Poem Rugby Truck Plaques
The New 4-07 1928-29 Wire Wheel New for 1930
Step-Plate Australian Kick Plates 1926 Dealer Brochure
Club By-Laws Durant Park 1929 OEM Suppliers
New Sixes for 1928 Metric Conversion Tool Spicer Cap Screw Seat
 Durant Rival to the Ford Budd Company History Museo del Automóvil-Argentina

 Lansing Factory
       Lansing Factory 1923      
 Oakland Factory
1929 Tour of Oakland Plant Durant Square Today Oakland Plant Photos
Return to the Factory Oakland Star Dealersip Durant Factory Today

Durant's Standard (Large file size up to 38mb)
      November 1922  December 1923

Spark & Throttle (Canadian dealers publication)
August 1927 October 1929     

Company Music
Durant Speaks Rugby Tango Sheet Music Rugby Tango MP3 file
Durant Midi   I Want to Drive a Durant Song

Personal Stories
Calif to Neb Trip 1926 Star 1926 Rugby Roadtest
1928 Durant Rugby Rescue I Bought a STAR Coupster
Norwegian Durant 1928 M2 Restoration Searching for Star of my life
     1930 Coupe    1929 Coupe found by accident Diamondville Garage
Rugby Wedding Restoring a Durant in Norway I Bought a STAR Coupster