1930 Model 614 Coupe Restoration (47 images)
Saturday very nice out so we will be priming & painting the cowl & the piece under the trunk lid. I found this Ontario license plate in the car. Now here it is 1:30 pacific standard time & 75 out so we are going to shoot our first coat of a rust stopping sanding sealer & filler primer on all the bare metal. The trunk lit is real solid & the one door that is done has rot out on the bottom. That will require some nice fibre glass from the inside for a base to work our bondo on in a few days. Full steam ahead. Notice one of my wifes conforters from one of the beds for a seat cover. Shhhhhhhhhhh. Don't say anything. Steering box all rebuilt, notice rumble seat swing bracket we found in a box of old rusty items. Boy those were a welcome sight. Also pulled the pinon gear & inspected the ring gear & pinon. Not real good. Some pitting but not rusty. There is another whole third member & pinon set up included in all this stuff. We'll run the car a little this weekend & see how it sounds. We also pulled right front wheel & drum & all the brakes have been relined & drums turned. All we had to do is adjust all them. Wow. Also cut & finished installing the new 2&1/4 " exhaust system. Got the gas pedal, water & ign. sw. moved inside & ready to test. Later Lance Now here is real satisfing work here guys. You will notice the compltely rotted & rusted away sheetmetal back piece right below the trunk lid & above the gas tank with the mesh we pop rivetted & formed to create the same form as it was before & then we fibre glassed that in with fibre glass cloth & resin & then when cured out in the 80 degree sun we bonded & sanded it a number of times & presto a newly rebuilt rear section for our cute little coupe. Tomorrow we will fine tun it & the cowl more & prime & paint it all. Got to get this rare 30 Deluxe Durant rumble seat coupe back on the road. Take a good look at those rusted out fenders. Everyone of them is a total basket case & check that rear trunk area. It is so rusted out that parts of it are gone altogether. Hey how about this guys. Running like a top after only 2 & 1/2 weeks of ownership. Clutch is slipping a little & we pushing a little blue smoke on hard acceration but boy what a differance in power over the W8 engine. Head is cracked & leaking a little water. May need a differant head. I don't see any trouble keeping up with the traffic in this baby. Note one with out the hub caps & one with. How about my temporary home made gas can. Ha. Drove it all around my side sreets today. Nothing but fun, Lance Haynes

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