pcc 2011 (114 images)
The Gold Rush Tour hosted by Pacific Coast Chapter got underway on Tuesday May 10th with twenty one people, four Stars, three Durants and an Auburn that was later declared an Honorary Durant. The oldest car was a 1922 Star and the newest a 1930 Durant. We had three couples join us from outside of our area; they came from Arizona, Southern California and Michigan. Our first day of driving began at 9:00am, we drove over back roads and rolling hills to small towns not changed much over the years. On the way we stopped and paid a visit to an interesting Trout hatchery and ate lunch in a floating restaurant on Lake Don Pedro. Next stop was Jamestown. Some of you may remember two TV series from the sixes Petticoat Junction and Green Acres; some exterior scenes were filmed in and near Jamestown. The temperature averaged 80 degrees F, 27 C and three of our cars did experience breakdowns or as they’re called today, unscheduled maintenance checks. The hills and heat took their toll on one of the cars that overheated, while another had brake trouble. Fortunately for the car’s brakes and driver, the problem was discovered fairly early into the tour and before we got deep into the hills. Both of these cars were taken back to the hotel and their owners joined the group later. The third car was able to finish the tour and we arrived back at the hotel a little over eight hours later. A group of tourists from the United Kingdom on a bus tour stayed at our hotel and showed a big interest in ours cars. They took many pictures and had many questions before leaving the next morning. The second day of driving took us to an old gold mining town founded in 1850 named Columbia; it is now operated as a state park. The ladies had reserved a place in town for their High Tea party (a tradition). The men took the opportunity to see what the town of Columbia had to offer by paying a visit to the first “Saloon” we found. Columbia also offered Stagecoach rides and the opportunity to pan for gold in the style they used back in the 1850’s. After we left town we headed to the Mt. Brow winery that had been opened just for our visit. The owners of the winery were themselves old car collectors. Afterwards we enjoyed the countryside on our drive back to our hotel. We arrived around mid afternoon and got ready for our traditional evening group dinner. During dinner James & Aleeta Miller won the hard luck award for breaking down on both days in their 1925 Star sedan, but still managed to finish the tour each day. The story of the little engine that could came to mind. I would also like to mention that Madeliene Ward brought her mother to dinner and just a few days before; May 7th she turned 105 years old! A good time was had by all and I bet we’ll do it again.

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