Canadian Gathering 2002

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 These are pictures from this year's Durant gathering in Carlisle Ontario. As you can see the turnout was very good. There were a few non-Durant cars there (Whippet, Chev, Pontiac...), it was great to have all these vintage cars in one place. Included in the pictures are Frank Pringlemeir's blue 1932 Durant 618, Reg Bent's 1930 Rugby 407 touring and his almost complete 1930 614 roadster.George and Marci Vance's 1928 Silver coupe, Lloyd and Lorna Becker's green 1932 Durant 618, Wally McDonald's 1925 Star F, Rick Guy's 1926 Star tractor as well as Gord Curl's green 1932 Frontenac and George and Joan Gow's red 1932 Frontenac.

The event once again took place took place at Reg Bent's place. There were about a dozen cars there. A short tour took place on the Saturday and Sunday was reserved for a barbeque, a bit of tire kicking and just overall enjoyment of these old cars.

This was our first time in attendance but certainly not our last. Next year we hope to bring up our 1931 Durant 614 so that we don't have to borrow Gord Curl's car (Thanks Gord). Thanks also to our great host, Reg Bent and the rest of the crew who helped to organize everything.

Stephan Riffault and Claudie Tellier
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada