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Western Regional Meet June 28th - July 1st 2004 Hood River, Oregon

First set of Photographs were taken by Stephen Aldrich Second set by Lance Haynes

Steve said that these three were taken on the first day on the Washington side of the gorge. Some beautiful cars among some beautiful scenery. A few of the group were dressed in style. In the restaurant at lunch the first day several individuals asked if they could take pictures of those in our group that were "in costume".

Lance said that one picture is of the group in the hospitality suite and another is Mike running his drivers meeting and great shots of all the cars. Here are some classic shots of club singers George Trollman and my wife Beth singing "I want to Drive A Durant." I gave Mike Larsen a real nice pen set in a beautiful wood box to keep the club books with. Tee Hee.

George Trollman received a nice sanded wood spoke out a 25 star car for the "Hard Luck" award and Bruce got a brass I.D workers tag for a hard luck award as both of their cars were trailered twice. The first place trophy went to Ross Hoevet for his beautiful 1930 Durant 614 coupe two tone green and black. More pictures of an historic very old hotel and our cars up on a lookout etc.

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