Known Frontenac Cars and Trucks

The Frontenac make of cars was produced by Dominion Motors of Canada at its Leaside factory. As well, a number of cars were imported from the Continental Automobile factory at Grand Rapids in the United States.The list of known cars is broken up by factory.

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Known vehicles, for each factory, are listed below:

Leaside (Toronto), Canada

YearModelBody StyleBody NumberEngine Number 
1932 6-70 Four Door Sedan T-1394 22A 28456 [Details]
1932 6-70 Four Door Sedan T-7418 22A 28187 []
1932 6-85 Coupe T-1290   []
1933 ACE Four Door Sedan T-191-1262 1077 []
1933 C-400 Four Door Sedan M-1435 C400 1764 [Details]

Grand Rapids, Michigan (manufactured by the Continental Automobile Company)

YearModelBody StyleBody NumberEngine Number 
1931 E Four Door Sedan G-1719 22A 29091 []
1932 E Four Door Sedan G-1740   []
1932 6-70 Coupe G-1760 22A 29021 []