Add or Update Information in the Registry

Tell me about your Durant family car or truck. I'd like to collect as much information as possible about the surviving vehicles. Listing your car in the registry will help others in their search for information about their car.

To add or update the information in the registry send email to Include as much of the following information as possible.

  1. Body information :
    • year
    • make (Durant, Star, Frontenac, etc.)
    • model (A-22, 40, 407, 619, Beacon, Jr., etc)
    • body style (sedan, de luxe sedan, roadster, coupe, etc.)
    • car serial number (don't forget the prefix, eg. C-12345)
    • wheel type (wood, wire, disc)
  2. Engine information
    • engine serial number
    • block casting date
    • head casting date
  3. Paint information
    • body color scheme (upper body, lower body, fenders, pinstripe, wheels)
    • engine color
    Please note if these are the original colors.
  4. A picture of the car.
  5. Contact information. Indicate if you would like your name and/or email listed on the registry page for your car to help other people with an interest in your car contact you directly.