The late Terry Kulchycki created this website back in 2000 as a reference for restorers and researchers interested in the automobiles produced by the Durant Motor Company and its affiliates. He described it as a work in progress and so we will continue that pledge.

He hoped that this information will be useful to you in your restoration or research work.Throughout the site he tried to be as accurate as possible. However much of the material is based on sales literature of the time that may or may not have been accurate, so the potential for error does exist.

Over time we have learned there are differences in vehicles not only from the original sales brochures, but from factory to factory. So if you are using any of the information for the restoration of a vehicle, especially the specifications in the catalog, please independently verify them before doing anything irreversible to your vehicle.

The Basics

A little history and a little help with the basics of identifying one of the Durant family of cars.

The Catalogs

Through out their life, the Durant companies produced a large number of makes and models of cars and trucks. The following catalogs can be used to help with your identification of a specific vehicle or just to better understand the big picture.

The Literature Guides

Whether you collect literature or are just looking for the books for your car, the literature guides can help. Each is collection of images sales literature and manuals.

The Registries

The registries are a collection of information about the surviving cars. Each registry lists actual vehicles by serial number. You can use this information to determine how many cars and trucks are known to exist and, in some cases, you can contact their owners.

Collectors' Corner

The interest in Durant Motors material goes beyond the actual cars and brochures. Collectors' Corner captures a sample of some of this other Durant material.


Here you will find references for the material used as background to the site, as well as links to other sites on the net that may be of use to you in your restoration and research work.

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