Contribute to the site

By now you have likely discovered that the site still needs a lot more content. To do this I need your help. At this time I am looking for the following pieces of information:

Missing or Incorrect information on the website

  • Actual Model Numbers -- The catalog is organized by model number, for example 6-14, 40, A-22. The problem is that the same car is often refered to by slightly different model names. For example the 1929 Durant model 40 is sometimes referred to as a "40", a "D-40", a "D40" or a "Four". To avoid future confusion, I would like the model numbers used on the website to match, exactly, the model numbers that appear on the body data plate. If you have a vehicle that has a body data plate, you can help by emailing your model information to me at . As far as I know you will find the body data plate either on the engine side of the firewall or on the toeboard. Let me know if you find it in a different location.
  • Missing or incorrect model information -- Have I missed a make/model/year combination or do I have one specified wrong in the catalog? Do you have a car that doesn't fit in the catalog? If you have information about the cars that would supplement or contradict the information in the catalog please contact me by email, at , to correct the discrepancy.
  • Missing vehicle images -- The pictures of vehicles in the catalogs are taken from Durant sales literature. Do you have sales literature with pictures of cars that are missing on the site? Click here to see a list of vehicle images required.
  • Missing literature images -- The literature guides are made up of front cover images from Durant automotive literature. There are still a number of images of known literature missing. Click here to see a list of missing, known literature images. Contact me by email, at , if you can provide the missing front cover images or if you have information about any unknown literature.

Information for future additions to the website

  • Body data plate images and data -- I am trying to collect images of all the various styles of body data plates, one per make and model.
  • Paint information -- I would like to start collecting information about colors used on the cars. I have very little information now, so pretty much any information you can provide would help.
Contact me by email, at if you can provide any of the above.