The Princeton Catalog

The Princeton was an idea of Durant's that never really made it to full production. It was a product line that was to fit between the Flint and the Locomobile, as a competitor to Cadillac. A prototype was first shown January 8 to 13, 1923 at the Lexington Automobile Company in New York City. Originally, Princetons were to be produced at the Muncie plant, but Durant later announced they would be produced at the Bridgeport plant. Sometime after the announced move and before production, Durant decided not to produced the Princeton line, but rather to simply add another model to the Flint line.

The six-cylinder Princeton was to be available in six-body styles. Most body styles would be built on a 128 inch wheelbase frame. An extended, 132" wheelbase, limousine model of the car was also to be available. The Princeton was to have used an Ansted engine. The price ranged from $2485 to $3675.

Fact sheet: 1923.