The Mathis Catalog

In 1930 Durant struck a deal with the SA Mathis car company of France to produce and market one of its cars in America. The car was to be produced in Durant's Lansing Michigan plant with a production target of 100,000 cars. This deal was seen as a terrific opportunity for Mathis to enter the American market. However, Durant ran out of money before production could begin. Mathis continued to be successful in France for many years to come.

  American Mathis
Promoted as "The Wonder Car", the 1931 Mathis boasted such features as: "remarkably quick acceleration", "a wide comfortable seat", "great stability on the road" and "superior economy". This small car was based on the Mathis 7 CV type PY sold in France. Durant planned to sell two models of this car, a coupe and a sedan. The car was to be built with a 30 horsepower, four cylinder engine on a 96 inch chassis. The car was priced at $455 f.o.b. Lansing. While the car was heavily promoted, Durant ran out of money before it could be produced.