The Frontenac Catalog

In 1931, as the end approached for Durant Motors, the Canadian Durant factory at Leaside became an independent company. On March 14, 1931 Dominion Motors Limited received its charter. On May 4, 1931 Durant Motors of Canada was dissolved with all its assets being taken over by Dominion Motors.

The Durant name was quickly dropped from the vehicles and replaced with the Frontenac name. Frontenacs were initially based on Durant designs, later models were based on designs from De Vaux. Some of those same De Vaux designs showed up as Continental cars in 1933 when De Vaux when out of business.

Dominion Motors ceased production in December 1933.

E E6-18
The model E was the first car produced by Dominion Motors under the Frontenac name. It was based on the Durant 6-19, with changes to wheelbase, engine size and body detail to give it a Frontenac personality. The car featured "Free Wheeling" and the Startix starting system as standard equipment on its De Luxe models.

Fact sheet: 1931, 1932.

6-70 Frontenac Six

The model 6-70 was introduced in 1932 as a replacement for the model E. The car is essentially an E with some trim updates.

Fact sheet: 1932.

In the spring of 1932, the 6-85 was introduced. The car was based on the 1932 De Vaux 6-80 six-cylinder car. The car featured a "simplified" version of "free wheeling and automatic starting.

Fact sheet: 1932, 1933.

The 1933 ACE was simply a special order 1933 Continental Ace. It was not produced at the Dominion Motors factory, but was imported from the Continental Factory at Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Fact sheet: 1933.

The 1933 4-cylinder model C-400 was based on the 1933 Continental Beacon car. It sold for half the price of the previous year Frontenac models, a sign of the dire economic conditions of 1933.

Fact Sheet: 1933.


The 6-cylinder model C-600 was based on the 1933 Continental Flyer car.

Fact sheet: 1933.

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Model Year Notes
6-33 1933 Was the 6-33 the model number for the ACE or was it another model produced in 1933?
C-800 1933 Did this car exist?