The Flint Catalog

Flint cars were produced from 1923 to 1927. Three different sizes of Flints were sold, all with six cylinder engines.

Chronological model chart
Wheelbase 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927
110"       Z-18 Z-18
115"   H-40 H-40, B-40 B-40, B-60 B-60
120" E-55 E-55 E-55 E-55, E-801 E-801
1 E-80 7-passenger sedan delivered with a 130" wheelbase.

The Flint Motor Car company was created in July 1922 shortly after Durant's purchase of the Willys-Overland factory in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The purchase of the Elizabeth factory included the prototype of a car that was, with some modifications, to become the Flint E-55.

Production of the E-55 began June 1923 at the Durant Long Island City factory. [Kimes] reports that only 500 cars were produced.

In 1924, production of the E-55 moved to the Elizabeth factory and to a new factory in Flint, Michigan. As well, production of the smaller H-40 began. This car was originally to be have sold as the Eagle.

During 1925, the model H-40 was replaced with the model B-40. The B-40 featured a slightly more powerful engine and hydraulic brakes.

Three new models, the B-60, the E-80 and the Z-18 were introduced in 1926. The model B-60 replaced the B-40 and the E-80 replaced the E-55. The Z-18, known as the "Junior", was to be the smallest and lowest price Flint produced. The Flint Michigan factory was shut down and sold in 1926, production of Flints continued in the Elizabeth plant.

1927 was the last year of production for the Flint.


Introduced in 1925 as a replacement for the H-40, the B-40 featured four-wheel hydraulic brakes.

Fact sheets: 1925, 1926.

1926 Flint model 60 Roadster-Coupe
B-60 60

In 1926 the B-60 replaced the B-40. The B-60 had a new "Flint designed" engine that gave the car top speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour. Four wheel hydraulic brakes promised to bring you to a safe stop.

Fact sheets: 1926, 1927

E-55 Six 55
55 Fifty-Five

The E-55 was the original Flint car. A small number of 1923 models were produced, with volume production beginning with the 1924 models. The design of the E-55 was based on a prototype the Durant obtained with the purchase of the Elizabeth factory.

Fact sheets: 1924, 1925, 1926.

E-80 80

Introduced in 1926, the E-80 replaced the E-55 as the largest car in the Flint line-up.

Fact sheets: 1926, 1927

1925 Flint model H40 Closed Couplet Brougham

The H-40 began life as the Eagle car. The Eagle was promoted in 1923, but no cars were produced under the Eagle name. Instead the Eagle became the Flint H-40, a smaller companion to the E-55.

Fact sheets: 1924, 1925.

Z-18 Junior

Introduced in 1926, the Z-18 was widely known as the Flint Junior. The Junior was the smallest Flint produced. It had the unusual "feature" of two-wheel mechanical brakes at a time when other cars featured four-wheel mechanical or hydraulic brakes.

Fact sheets: 1926, 1927.