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1929 Durant 66

Special Features

  • HIGH-EFFICIENCY TYPE SIX-CYLINDER MOTOR, thoroughly tried over a period of years. Handles all types of fuel smoothly and powerfully.
  • FULL-PRESSURE LUBRICATION with filtered oil guarantees power, speed and long life.
  • BOHNALITE ALLOY PISTONS, 62% lighter than iron, add to the smoothness and efficiency of this motor.
  • BENDIX TWO-SHOE FOUR-WHEEL BRAKES are simple and safe, positive, smooth, quiet, and easy in action.
  • LONG SEMI-ELLIPTIC SPRINGS of finest quality insure exceptional riding comfort.
  • BALLOON TIRES, 29 x 5.00. Durant tire sizes are generous in proportion to the weight of the car, resulting in economy as well as comfort.

Standard Coupe

Standard Phaeton

Standard Sedan

De Luxe Coupe

De LuxePhaeton

De Luxe Sedan


  • Coupe $945.001
  • Phaeton $1025.001
  • Four Door Sedan $995.001
  • De Luxe Coupe2 $1075.001
  • De Luxe Phaeton2 $1155.001
  • De Luxe Four Door Sedan2 $1125.001
  • Chassis $755.001

1 1929 prices, US dollars, f.o.b. Lansing

2 De Luxe models equipped with: Front Bumper, Rear Straight Bumper, Baggage rack, Cowl lights and Band, Six wire wheels with two spare wheels mounted in front fender wells and equipped with two spare tires and tubes, and tire covers.

Serial Number Range

  • C-1001 to C-5200
  • L-1001 to L-3823
  • T-1001 to T-5200

Continental 15L Engine
with Four Speed Transmission


Continental 15L. Six-cylinder, L-head type, detachable head; bore, 2-7/8"; stroke, 4-3/4"; piston displacement, 185 cubic inches;. N.A.C.C. rating, 19.84; brake horsepower, 47 at 2,800 R.P.M. Bohnalite special alloy heat-treated pistons with Invar-steel struts. Lanchester torsional vibration damper on front of crankshaft. Engine mounted in rubber,
Cast en-bloc with upper half of crankcase, Detachable head is of New Durant High-Efficiency Type, handling low-grade fuels without detonation.
Intake, 1-7/16"; exhaust, 1-5/16"; 5/16" lift. All valve seats thoroughly water jacketed for uniform cooling of valve head. Valves spring seat, non-cocking; cone locks to machine fits. Valve-stem guide bushings very long, of very fine-grained semi-steel, and renewable. Entire tappet assemblies easily removable and renewable.
Four main bearings; front bearing, 2-1/8" by 1-11/32"; two intermediate bearings, 2-1/8" by 1-5/16"; rear bearing, 2-1/8" by 1-25/32". crankshaft drilled for individual oil duct to each main and conecting rod bearing. End-thrust taken by shim-adjusted thrust bearing at front end of shaft.
Durant quiet ramping on each cam. Bearings; front, 1-7/8" by 1-5/16"; center front; 1-113/16" by 27/32"; center rear, 1-3/4" by 27/31"; rear, 1-9/16" by 1-3/4". Camshaft driven by adjustable silent timing chain. Load of timing chain carried on liberal bronze bearing, babbitt lined and renewable.
Seperate oil duct to each bearing. Pressure feed to each main crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft bearing and to the silent timing chain. Gear-type oil pump; never loses its priming; Oil filter.
Cellular, wet-and-dry-ribbon with air-shredder type radiator. Capacity 13 quarts. Centrifugal water pump circulation. Water pump placed at rear of engine bloc for uniform cooling. Fan 16" with four blades. Thermostatic control. Electric heat indicator on dash.
Capacity of tank, 11-1/2 gallons; placed at rear. Gasoline gauge on dash. Vacuum tank feed to carburetor.
One-inch plain-tube; air and fuel adjustment. Accelerating well. Exhaust and intake manifolds with hot spot mounted on left side of engine. Air cleaner and gasoline filter.
Single plate; dry-disc; enclosed in fly-wheel.
Durant 4-Speed with silent third and double-high. Four speeds forward; 1 reverse. Unit mounting with engine.
Front axle center, standard drop-forged I-beam section. Reverse-Elliott Type steering-knuckle. Cross-connecting tube and drag-link connected with ball and socket joints for easy steering and to avoid play. Vertical load of steering knuckles carried on ball bearings. front wheel bearings - Timken Tapered Rollers.
Semi-floating with spiral bevel ring-gear and pinion. Pinion and ring gear easily adjusted. Pinion shaft carried on Timken Tapered Rollers. Rear wheel carried on Timken Tapered Rollers. gear ration 3.9 to 1.
Seni-irreversible, worm-and-wheel type. Fore-and-aft steering. Ball thrust bearings. 17 inch steering wheel, flush type controls. Horn button in center of steering wheel. Steering gear adjustable in every direction for wear without removing gear from chassis.
Very latest Bendix type two-shoe four-wheel brakes. Internal expanding shoes with moulded linings. Drums 11 inches in diameter. Brake adjustment only at wheels. No adjustment of pull-rods. Greatest braking safety. Foot and hand brakes operate independently. Brake drums inside are trued up on the wheel bearings for centers. Linings are moulded to fit the drums.
Alemite Pressure System.
Semi-elliptic; front, 36" x 1-3/4"; rear, 54" x 1-3/4". Tryon adjustable shackles. Watson Rubber-Flow shock absorbers, front and rear.
Four wooden artillery wheels plus spare rim on standard models. Six wire wheels on de luxe models.
Balloon, 29 x 5.00.
112 inches
Gear shift lever in center; Hand brake at left; accelerator pedal mounted on toe board. Spark and throttle levers on top of steering wheel. Speedometer, ammeter, electric heat-indicator, gasoline gauge and oil gauge clustered in indirectly lighted instrument panel. Ignition and lighting switch and choke mounted on instrument board.
Generator output regulated by third brush. Igniter: spark advance control, combination automatic and hand. Starting motor. Coil. Battery 106 amperer-hour; rubber case. Shaler ignition lock. Glolite controllable beam headlamps with control switch on toe board. Indirect dash lighting with separate switch. Combination stop and tail lamp. Large cowl lamps for parking.
Rear-vision mirror; automatic windshield wiper; electric motor-driven horn; combination stop and tail light; chromium-plated radiator shell, lamps and other fittings; tool kit, tire carrier and extra rim on standard models.
Front bumper, rear straight bumper; baggage rack, cowl lights and bands; six wire wheels including two spare wheels, tires, tubes and tire covers mounted on front fender wells.


  • [DFR-DS] V13#1, V15#3, V20#3, V20#4, V21#2