Upcoming Events

22nd Annual DMAC Tour

Monarch Hotel
12566 SE 93rd Ave
Clackamas, Oregon 97105
(800) 492-8700

September 9-13, 2020

Click here for brocure

For more information contact: Phil Peters

Pacific Coast Chapter DMAC Spring Tour

Ogden, Utah
May 4-8th, 2020

Best Western High Country Inn
1335 W 1200 S Street
Ogden, Utah

More Information to follow

For more information contact: Kathy


Future Activities for the Pacific Coast Chapter DMAC
 Dates  Location
October 26, 2019 Chapter Meeting - Home of Bert & Sonia Babick - American Canyon, CA
December 15, 2019  Christmas Party, Steve & Miesje Aldrich - Redwood City, CA
January 18, 2020 Chapter Meeting - Home of Madeline & Dick Ward - Livermore, CA
May 4-8, 2020 Spring Fling Tour, Ogden, Utah
April-May 2021 Spring Fling Tour, Redding, CA

Contact Rick Botti

Future National DMAC Tours


- Clackamas, Oregon
- Somewhere in North America


Contact: Mike Linthicum

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