1929 Rugby Bus

Owned by Municipal Transport  MPK SA

My name is Jacek Kolodziej and I'm from Krakow, Poland. Together with my friends we have restored this 1929 Rugby bus. It was built on Rugby L chassis in Krakow. It's one of twenty three identical buses which were used in our city until 1936. All the buses were built by the Orlicki company in Krakow. Besides Rugby, KMKE - Krakow municipal transport company (today MPK SA) used Durant 40 and Federal six as buses. During WWII all of the vehicles were destroyed, apart from this one, it was the only one to be kept due to special circumstances. In 1987 the bus was discovered by Mr. Zabrocki, in 2007 ownership of the bus has reverted to our company, which is also its original owner. The Rugby has undergone a general renovation and is now in good condition.

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