1927 RUGBY Touring Car
Owned by Dib Franciss
of Braslia, Brazil

I am pleased to share my newest acquisition: a 1927 RUGBY. It is from a time when beauty and manners was still a necessary part of the aesthetics of life. A RUGBY was manufactured by Durant Motors and Billy Durant. Unfortunately came the stock market crash in 1929, bringing one of the greatest depressions in the global financial system. The acquisition of this jewel is a surrender of an era I love, the 1920's. I hope one day to take each of the friends for a ride this ride and do so in time. The condition is to be dressed in clothing of the time! 

A fraternal embrace, Dib Franciss 

View his collection of automobile sheet music here:  http://picasaweb.google.com.br/dibfranciss/MUSICAUTOMOBILEUmaInterfacePossivel#

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